Notebook 6. Spain and Portugal

William Gell’s detailed description of his trip to Spain in 1808 and Portugal in 1810 resembles a book more than a notebook. Comprised of 213 pages, it is complete with sketches, topographical drawings, watercolours and even music.

Research is currently in progress by Prof. Rosemary Sweet and Dr. Richard Ansell, in collaboration with the BSR.

Their Leverhulme Trust funded 3-year research project War, travel and cultural exchange: William Gell and the British in Iberia, 1750-1830, includes research on this notebook which will also be published on this website.

For a BSR Short Talk about this ongoing project click here.

Thanks to the generosity of BSR Ashby Patrons, James and Alice Christie the notebook has been restored and BSR Chair of Council, Mark Getty generously funded its digitization.